Dacs Financial

Better Business Benefits

We can helpy you plan for changes both expected and unexpected. Many individuals avoid thinking death or disability, so too, many business avoid thinking these same issues. However, an effective business continuation plan could leave your loved ones feeling wonderfully assured and comforted.

Plans may include:

  • Buy/Sell Agreements that set forth terms of sale for family-held stock to the remaining owners.
  • Solutions for handling the tax consequences of continuing a business.
  • Employee compensation plans that may help retain key employees.
  • Employee benefits and stock ownership plans designed to help your business stay in business.


About Us

Dacs Financial is a full-service brokerage firm that provides a vast array of products and services solely focused on the business owners and their employees.

Dacs Financial strives to be the one and only source that provides you and your employees with comprehensive employer and employee benefits.

With our many years of combined experience specializing in Group Health Insurance, Group Disability, Retirement, Estate Planning Strategies and Business Succession Strategies, we’re sure to be able to design a plan that will suit your needs.