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Employers realize that their employees want more than just medical coverage. Extensive research indicates that a comprehensive benefits package is a crucial factor in recruiting and retaining employees. Get your employees’ attention by providing dental coverage . We offer an extensive range of flexible dental coverage from the finest carriers.

Plans from our carriers include:

  • A choice of cash deductibles, calendar-year benefit maximums and coinsurance amounts
  • A number of options that allow for enriched benefits or cost savings
  • An extensive national Preferred Provider Organization network
  • Optional orthodontia coverage
  • An automated claim system that promotes fast, accurate claims adjudication and payment.


About Us

Dacs Financial is a full-service brokerage firm that provides a vast array of products and services solely focused on the business owners and their employees.

Dacs Financial strives to be the one and only source that provides you and your employees with comprehensive employer and employee benefits.

With our many years of combined experience specializing in Group Health Insurance, Group Disability, Retirement, Estate Planning Strategies and Business Succession Strategies, we’re sure to be able to design a plan that will suit your needs.